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Reasons to Choose Us

When a death occurs, you will want to call on someone who has the knowledge and experience required to effectively handle the myriad of details that must be completed in a very short time without placing additional stress on the family.

While the grieving process is often a long one, the first few hours and days are critical because they are necessarily about taking care of the body and arranging the funeral or other memorial event, thereby effectively preparing those left behind for their next stages of recovery. It is essential then, that all these things are undertaken in a responsible, professional and expedient manner because you cannot go back and do them again. For these reasons, you will want to take special care in selecting a funeral home.

Halsted N. Gray – Carew & English is an independently-owned San Francisco mortuary operating in one location with a staff whose combined years of experience nearly equals the company’s 150 years of history. 

In this volatile world, where seemingly, just about everything has changed, we haven’t.

At Halsted N. Gray - Carew & English, we still take very seriously the sacred trust a grieving family places in us. We maintain outstanding facilities for the comfort of the families we serve. We work with you to personalize your arrangements so they are most meaningful to you and encourage and welcome your thoughts and wishes. We strive to provide ample information to our consumers for them to make intelligent, informed decisions in a relaxed, pressure-free environment. We strongly believe the consumer should have all questions and concerns answered before selecting their funeral home. This is true whether the desire is for a direct cremation/burial or a full traditional funeral service. 

We are proud to have always staffed our firm with only fully-qualified, licensed individuals who have made true commitments to their profession, who are technically competent and who bring with them these qualifications as well as the willingness to provide service of the highest degree to families who are suffering a loss. In short, we do our very best to go "above and beyond," anticipating your un-stated needs and desires and generally providing a level of service that we believe greatly exceeds that of any of our competitors - a level of service that we feel everyone should expect. 

150 年來,三藩市居民依賴于一個組織,就是殯葬服務,他們知道可以依靠這些有專業技能並負責任及樂於助人的人為至親妥善辦理後事:在實際的考慮和理解。他們已把這神聖的任務交到我們的手裏辦理,我們忠實地為三藩市的人民致力處理每一位辭世的人報以尊重和尊嚴,無論是什麼信仰或葬禮儀式直到安葬。

為這一承諾,我們將最優秀的充滿愛心的人員置於您的服務。我們備有優良設施,為你們服務。我們與您一起安排一切殯儀服務。我們並提供免費資詢,以便所有消費者可以輕鬆、 無壓力的環境中都進行明智的決定。

Halsted N. Gray-Carew & English Funeral Directors
Halsted Staff
Halsted Staff
Clockwise from top left:
Graham Riley, Taeko Morioka, Dane Stanley, Carol Giovannini, and Jefferson Lee.
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150 Years
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